Course Renovation Summary

The greens renovation on the Tour course is quickly approaching, with the front nine closing on May 2nd. However, before that happens, you will start to see our herbicide applications on the golf course that will begin to discolor the weeds and, in some cases, the Bermuda grass as well. This process will start the weed eradication that is prevalent on the golf course while also allowing us to grow Bermuda back in these areas while the course is closed.

When the front nine closes, we will be starting the greens renovation on holes two through eight. Below is what that process will look like on each green:

Strip off the existing turf / including the collars, so we can eliminate and transition issues around the greens that we currently have today.

Core out the greens to a depth of 16” while also bringing the greens cavity back out to its original size. In doing that, we will recover 15,000sf of greens space that has been lost over the years to encroachment.

New drain tile will be installed – with drainage outfalls being inspected for proper operation and repaired/replaced as needed.

A 4” gravel layer will be installed over the drainage to match back up to USGA building specifications

Then, we will install 12” of new greens profile mix/compact it / float it back out to be very similar to the existing greens designs that we have today. This is accomplished by shooting the topography earlier in the year that we can utilize to emulate those same designs.

While the greens renovation is going on, we will also be updating the irrigation so we have more control to water the greens and surrounds separately to better manage the moisture levels of the different areas.

 After that is completed, the greens will be sprigged with TifEagle Bermuda and grown back in.

We will be completing the process in 3 quadrants – beginning on 2 – 8, as we discussed earlier. On May 16th we will be closing the whole course, and when section 1 is complete, we will move into holes 12 – 17. After the second section is complete, we will finalize the process with greens 1/9 – 11/18 and the putting green.

We are thrilled to get this project going and can’t wait to showcase the Tour course this fall.